• Shinglehook

    St. Marys loch Scottish Borders 2006 Two green oak land anchors and four floating bronze casts – a place to wait for the arrival of an alluvial land bridge growing across the loch from the opposite shore, a process begun following the last ice age and that may take another 10,000 years to complete. Updates…

  • Cairnsmore

    Cairnsmore of Fleet, Southwest Scotland 2008 Five permanent sculptural installations sited in an area ‘beyond’ usual human activity.

  • Lode Stones

    Isle of Mull, 2012 Lode Stones was a private commission for the family that farm Treshnish at the far North Western tip of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. The site for the work is a natural formation of rock that once formed part of a boathouse that used to store a vessel for crossing to the…

  • Quorum

    Galloway Forest 1997 One of three artworks made during a residency in Galloway forest. Commissioned by Forest Enterprise and Dumfries and Galloway Arts association with funding from National Lottery.

  • Still There Were Brothers

    Former union pit, Forest of Dean 1996 Permanent sculpture. Commissioned by The Royal Forest of Dean Freeminers Association and supported entirely by public subscription. Commemorating the Union Pit flooding disaster of 1902.

  • Seabone

    Permanent installation, Isle of Mull 2008 Carved granite and bronze inserts. Seabone is sited just above the shoreline on the coast of the Northwest tip of Mull.

  • New Luce

    New Luce – ‘Nineveh’ A remote rural village of 62 dwellings, Southwest Scotland 2010 An eighteen month residency leading to 4 permanent sculptural installations that form a route around the village. Early research led to the creation of a film (see Films tab) that was premiered in the local pub. The project focussed on the…

  • Prolonged Exposure

    Galloway Forest 1997 One of three artworks made during a residency in Galloway Forest.Commissioned by Forest Enterprise and Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association with funding from National Lottery. Five long exposure ‘cameras’ with etched copper plates, constructed from salvaged Forestry machinery. 

  • Descender

    Castle Douglas 2004 Permanent sculpture. Peat Garden, Threave Gardens. Commissioned by National Trust Scotland. Materials: Welsh slate, Galloway beach stones, oak.

  • Prospero

    Wye Valley 1998 McDowall Collection. Permanent mixed media sculpture.Carved sandstone, earthwork and drystone walling.