• This Earth

    Accra, Ghana 8am – 4pm 28th February 2009 An action made by 30 artists beside Main Street Bawaleshie, Accra, Ghana – directed by artists Matt Baker (Scotland) and Kofi Setordji (Ghana).

  • Travelling Hopefully

    Mill on the Fleet, Dumfries and Galloway August/September 2009 Solo exhibition (with photographer Phil McMenemy) – new work in progress.

  • Ancestors

    2004 – ongoing The contemporary place of the figure in sculpture. Ancestors brings together a number of research areas: genealogy common mythological roots psychology and a practical exploration of materials and construction

  • Ancestors 2

    Ongoing Project Studio projects exploring potentiality in movement and changes brought by weathering – sculpture seen as a tactile understanding of our interaction with the world.

  • Lazarus

    1998 A studio exploration combining three dimensional sculpture and photography. Exhibited in “New Contemporary British Art”, Courtauld Institute, London 1999-2001. With Dan Dubowitz.

  • What the Swallows Find

    Dumfries, Scotland 10am – 5pm 25th april 2009 A temporary public art action beside the River Nith, Dumfries town centre. Directed by artists Matt Baker (Scotland) and  Kofi Setordji  (Ghana).