• Gorbals, Glasgow

    Lead Artist, Gorbals Glasgow 1999 – 2006 Creation and implementation of £1m artwork strategy forming part of the wholescale regeneration of the Gorbals neighbourhood in Glasgow. Largest percent for art regeneration project in UK at that time. With Dan Dubowitz (1999-2002). www.theartworksprogramme.org

  • City of Inverness

    lead artist: Inverness 2006 – 2011 At the start of 2006 Matt Baker was appointed as lead artist for the Old Town area of Inverness. Recently awarded city status, Inverness was in the process of reinventing its identity as a modern urban centre alongside its unique role of ‘Capital of the Scottish Highlands’. During his time…

  • Imagining the Centre

    Inverness 09.09.06 A City Centre imagined by artists, this temporary project was a means of engaging Invernessians in a conversation about their city. Launched on an unsuspecting public between 11am and 11pm – 14 Highland artists took over the main street in the Old Town area. With Evi Westmore and  Susan Christie

  • Re-Imagining The Centre

    Re-imagining the Centre Inverness, Scotland, September 2009 Site-specific installations and live artworks by 24 artists presented through one week in September 2009. Re-imagining the centre was one of the projects created as part of Matt Baker’s tenure as lead artist for the Old Town area of Inverness. Co-curated with Susan Christie.  

  • Invernessian Clanjamfrey

    Inverness, Scotland 1pm – 1pm 11th & 12th September 2009 A discussion event aimed at expanding the territory the Old Town Art initiative was exploring in Inverness and maintaining momentum and relevance into the future. The Clanjamfrey was attended by more than 40 people from across Britain representing fields including religion, history, education, art and…

  • Kintra Street, Glasgow

    Kintra St – Temporary Projects Govan, Glasgow 2005-6 Curation of five local artists to develop projects to highlight the process of change as a derelict wasteland was to be transformed by a large housing scheme. See also – urban menu: Kintra Signets