Photo Credits

This list is not exhaustive many of the photos on this site are by the artist….however the majority of professional photography on the different projects are as follows:


Travelling Histories (Way of the Roses) – Matt Baker

New Luce – Adam Lee and Jane McLachlan

Lode Stones – Carolyne Mazur

Cairnsmore – Allan Devlin

Shinglehook – Allan Devlin

Descender – Matt Baker

Prospero – Matt Baker

Prolonged Exposure – Dan Dubowitz

Quorum – Dan Dubowitz and Phil McMenemy

….Still There Were Brothers – Dan Dubowitz



Govan Riverside 1 – actions – Steven Higgins

Govan Riverside 2 – Nothing About Us – Benjamin Rush, Tom Manley, Now-Now, Heather Robertson, Colin Tennant

Govan Riverside 3 – markers – Tom Manley

The Stove #2012 – Colin Tennant

Stranraer – Zvonko Kracun

Re-Imagining the Centre – Ewan Weatherspoon

Three Virtues – Ewan Weatherspoon

Kintra Signets – Matt Baker

Cultivated Widerness – Anthony Devlin

Gatekeeper – Anthony Devlin

Journeymen – Dan Dubowitz

The Crossing – Dan Dubowitz and David Gilroy


Lead Artist

Invernessian Clanjamfrey – Ewan Weatherspoon

City of Inverness – Ewan Weatherspoon

Kintra Street – Matt Baker and the artists

Weavers Triangle –  Matt Baker

Gorbals –  Alan Dimmock and Anthony Devlin



This Earth – Kofi Setordji

Sounding Vessels – Dan Dubowitz

Lazarus – Dan Dubowitz