• Cairnsmore

    Cairnsmore of Fleet, Southwest Scotland 2008 Five permanent sculptural installations sited in an area ‘beyond’ usual human activity.

  • Gorbals, Glasgow

    Lead Artist, Gorbals Glasgow 1999 – 2006 Creation and implementation of £1m artwork strategy forming part of the wholescale regeneration of the Gorbals neighbourhood in Glasgow. Largest percent for art regeneration project in UK at that time. With Dan Dubowitz (1999-2002). www.theartworksprogramme.org

  • City of Inverness

    lead artist: Inverness 2006 – 2011 At the start of 2006 Matt Baker was appointed as lead artist for the Old Town area of Inverness. Recently awarded city status, Inverness was in the process of reinventing its identity as a modern urban centre alongside its unique role of ‘Capital of the Scottish Highlands’. During his time…